Syllable Truly Wireless Earbuds Review

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Wireless headphones can be awesome for getting rid of tangled cables, especially when you’re moving around a lot. There are hundreds of great options on the market, if not thousands, and we’ve reviewed quite a few of them right here on YourTechExplained. However, there’s something new coming to the wireless headphone market.

Over the past 6 months or so we’ve seen several manufacturers release “truly wireless headphones,” aka earbuds that aren’t wired in any way at all. The technology is really cool, but unfortunately there are only two options ─ expensive and semi-decent, or cheap and absolutely terrible, until now at least.

Recently Syllable, an audio product maker showed me their new product, a pair of truly wireless earbuds that cost just $50. I’ll be 100% honest, when I got the email about these, I said to myself “$50? Psh, these are probably terrible.” Luckily, I decided to give them a shot.

Backing up a bit, these Bluetooth earbuds come with a carrying/charging case, multiple ear tips with built-in “fins,” and, of course, come in a set of two. When it comes to comfort, these earbuds, despite being a little large, are actually comfortable to wear. The ear tips fit well and stay in my ears without issue and I can easily wear them for a while, even while walking or running.


As for battery life, as you might expect there’s only so much that can be done with this form factor. Syllable rates these headphones at two hours of listening on a charge, and that’s about accurate based on my usage. Of course, that’s a limited amount of battery life, but it’s also not as bad as it sounds. Two hours of battery life was just enough to allow me to use these headphones for basic exercise and general use around the home. Charging these headphones is also pretty easy. Simply drop them in the charging case, close the lid, and you’re good to go, at least most of the time. Once in a while I’d need to reposition the earbuds to get them to charge properly or plug the case into a charger, but overall the experience is relatively seamless.

Most importantly of all, there’s audio quality. As I mentioned, I didn’t expect quality by any measurement out of these headphones, but I was quote wrong about that. While these headphones won’t compare to a premium pair of wired earbuds, they do sound absolutely fantastic compared to a lot of other cheap Bluetooth headphones.


Pairing these headphones is also pretty simple. By holding down the button on the left earbud (the primary one), the headphones will turn on. Holding it down to 2 seconds turns them on, but holding for 4 seconds activates pairing mode. Once paired the connection with my Google Pixel was reliable, although I did notice that music would cut out once in a while. However, I suspect that to be a connection issue between the two earbuds, not to the phone. The issue rarely showed itself, so it certainly isn’t a deal breaker.

So at $50, are these earbuds worth a look? Absolutely. The battery life is the biggest letdown, but if your use case fits what these earbuds offer, you should consider them. They are available for purchase on Amazon.

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