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Check out these 7 great accessories for the LG V20

Check out these 7 great accessories for the LG V20

The LG V20 is a great phone. Whether it comes to taking videos or listening to music, the V20 excels. That being the case, you’ll need a few things to go with it. So here’s a list of 7 great LG V20 accessories.


Ringke Clear Case – $10

Clear cases are a good idea if you want to show off the design on the phone. They also work if you have a skin on the phone you want to flaunt. The Ringke case is a good all-around case. It’s a little darker around the edges and pretty transparent on the back. The button cut-outs are really responsive and the cutouts for the top and bottom of the phone are right on point. Overall, this case is a really good option at only $10.

Ringke Clear Case


VRS Design – $16

The VRS Design case is rugged and thick, which helps protect your V20 from falls. To be completely honest, I dropped my V20 on concrete with this case on, and it did just fine, though the case is a bit scratched up. It also has a little kickstand for media purposes if you need it. The button cut-outs are perfect with this case, too. Overall, this is a really nice case for only $16.

VRS Design High Pro

Tridea Leather Case – $10

Leather always has a very nice look mixing in with technology. That’s why the Tridea leather backed case is a good option. This one adds a noticeable amount of thickness to the phone and even the fingerprint sensor, but it looks great. It feels comfortable and the cutouts are pretty on point, so really there’s nothing to complain about this case at all. A nice little feature is that you can hide a card in their if you need to because it has an inner cutout.

Tridea Leather for V20


AnoKe Hybrid Armor Case – $5

If you want a case that you can stick a single card in, then the Anoke hybrid armor case is probably the one for you. It’s pretty thick and super durable, making for a good chance you aren’t going to harm your phone if you drop it. Sticking a card in can come in handy, but I’m still likely to use a wallet. The cutouts feel really good too. So, for $5, this is a great choice.

AnoKe Hybrid Armor Case



Sandisk Ultra MircoSD Card – $7 for 8GB

Since the V20 supports expandable storage, it’d be a good idea to grab a MicroSD card. Sandisk has always been pretty trusted when it comes to their products. That being the case, any Sandisk MicroSD card is a good choice. You can grab an 8GB card for only $7.

SanDisk Ultra microSD Card



B&O Play H3 Headphones – $150

The H3 by Bang and Olufsen. These have some incredible drivers in them and they look fantastic. They have volume and track control buttons and have a no tangle wire. Overall, these headphones sound really good and I’d definitely recommend them if you want to shell out $150.

B&O Play H3 Earbuds


AD700x Headphones – $102 (Currently)

These are meant for HiFi listening and can be easily powered by the DAC inside of the V20. They sound really crisp and clear and very balanced. Plus, it doesn’t hurt that they’re extremely lightweight and very comfortable. If you love HiFi, then you’ll love these. This model is usually around $200.

Audio-Technica AD700X


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