Pebble is dead — here’s what you need to know

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Following reports that Fitbit was planning to acquire the company, it’s been made official this morning: Pebble is dead. The company’s software assets have been scooped up by Fitbit, leaving the hardware and the company to both fade away. However, what does that mean for Pebble owners?

Will Pebble Release More Devices?

The short answer is no. Pebble will no longer develop or manufacture any hardware. That includes not only the company’s lineup of smartwatches, but also official accessories such as chargers and spare watchbands. Promotion of current devices will also cease, including the recently released Pebble 2. Orders from Pebble’s website have also been halted.

What About My Current Pebble?

Current Pebble owners can still use their watches as they are now, but since Pebble’s software developers have moved to Fitbit, the platform likely won’t evolve any further. Fitbit is maintaining things, for now, but it’s unknown exactly what lies in store for Pebble’s current lineup in terms of software support.

Also worth noting is that current Pebble devices no longer have manufacturer warranties, so if anything goes wrong with your watch, you’ll have to count your losses. Pebble’s help pages, however, will still host information on troubleshooting.

What Will Happen To The Pebble Time 2 And Pebble Core?

As for Pebble’s yet-to-be-released hardware, the Pebble Time 2 and Pebble Core ─ they’ll never see the light of day. It’s sad to say but these two products are dead. Anyone who “pre-ordered” these products through Kickstarter will get their money back in the next 4-8 weeks and backers are not required to do anything to get their refunds.

You can read more about Fitbit’s acquisition of Pebble in the press releases below.

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