GE is working on a gorgeous futuristic lamp with Alexa built-in

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Amazon’s Alexa platform has grown tremendously since debuting on the Amazon Echo, making appearances in everything from smartwatch to vacuums.

We’ve also seen many speakers with Alexa built in, but nothing has matched the convenience and excellence of the Amazon Echo, until now.

The “C by GE” LED lamp packs Amazon Alexa into a gorgeous, futuristic circular LED lamp which has two rings. The first is simply a lamp while the second acts just like the LED ring found on the Amazon Echo, indicating when the device hears the “Alexa” keyword.

This product is ridiculously cool, but sadly for now, it’s just a concept. There’s no word just yet on the final design or pricing. The company expects the product to be finished by early 2017 and available to consumers during the second quarter of the year.

Source: GE