Helix Cuff Review — Amazing Sound Wherever You Go

3 min read

In the past couple of years, we’ve seen many new innovations. Some of the coolest ones have to do with audio. For instance, the Helix Cuff does a good job of combining good audio and a small, easily portable form factor.

The Helix Cuff is really just a bracelet with wireless headphones that fit perfectly in itself. The battery fits into two cutouts in the band, and the wire wraps all the way around the band. This way the earphones hide in the band and are securely attached to your wrist. The band is held together by a pretty strong magnet, ensuring no matter what your wrist size is, it’ll fit well.

This is an extremely cool product, but one thing that i noticed right off the bat is that this isn’t going to be everyone’s style. The color doesn’t exactly fit me, and the band is quite bulky, especially where the headphones are. It’s made out a sturdy silicone band that’ll bend pretty generously. The band is actually pretty comfortable and lightweight. It is worth pointing out that it does come in different colors, so you can grab the one that fits you best. There are actually a few really cool color combinations, such as gold and black or red and gold.

The most important thing — especially for me — is the audio. With that being said, the earbuds actually sound pretty good. They are balanced well, a little on the lower end, but overall a really crisp sound. They get pretty loud too, which is always nice. I was surprised at the sound quality in these earphones when I first tried them. When you take the earbuds out of the cuff and put them in your ears, the battery hangs down, either in front of you or behind you, depending on which way you’re comfortable with. You can’t really adjust the length to make it shorter or longer, though, so it just hangs. But, the buds didn’t fall out of my ears like I thought they would.

Battery life is pretty good, at least for me. After charging it once, I never had to recharge it during my testing period. Another cool feature of the Helix Cuff is that it’s splash-proof. That doesn’t necessarily mean waterproof, it just means it’ll be fine in rainy conditions or if you wash your hands and water gets on it. Full submersion is not recommended. The Helix Cuff also has noise reduction technology, which is pretty handy if you live in the city and need to get away from the noise without turning the volume up all the way.

Overall, the Helix Cuff is a really cool product. The audio these headphones produce is really good and makes the price just a little easier to swallow. Again, the Helix Cuff isn’t for everyone, but if this is your style, then by all means — go for it.

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