How to install LED lighting on your PC

1 min read

If you’ve ever built or owned a computer with a windowed side panel, you know that you want the PC to look nice and lit up. That’s where LED lighting strips come in handy. But some LEDs aren’t great options just because of the way they’re wired, or just because they’re hard to install. That’s NOT the case with the Satechi LED Light Strips for PC.

These lights are super bright and awesome. With a ton of different color options, you can make your computer match any style scheme you want. They have a couple different brightness settings, as well, allowing you to customize your PC further. Installation is super quick as well ─ just check out this video on how to install the LEDs.

Installation is simple, just plug in power, stick the two light strips where they fit best in your case, connected everything together, and turn on the remote. It’s really that easy.

What’s nice about these strips is that they stick to any flat surface on the inside of your case, so it’s not hard to position the lights to illuminate your motherboard or GPU. Overall these lights are a great option if you want to light up your computer and do it quickly, easily, and without spending a ton of cash. You can check them out on Amazon.

Satechi PC LEDs on Amazon