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OLALA ID300 flash drive with Lightning connector review

OLALA ID300 flash drive with Lightning connector review

OLALA makes some pretty interesting mobile phone accessories, such as power banks with the cable built in and flash drives for iPhones. Well, today we have another flash drive for iPhones that I’ll be reviewing: the ID300. But instead of starting afresh, I’ll be comparing it to the flash drive that Keyan reviewed a few months ago.


For starters, the form factor of this is completely changed. It is much smaller and will actually fit in an area of crowded USB ports. There’s an aluminum cover that flips between covering either side, but it also can be left in the middle. It’s overall much nicer as well, with no plastic anywhere on the unit. The best part is that this has an extension on the Lightning connector, so you can use it with a case on (sadly not an Otterbox). The previous model, ID100, didn’t have this extension, so taking off your case was required. My only gripe with this product is that the USB port is a little square on the edges, so it is tight fitting it into some USB ports.

Right there is where the differences stop. The software experience is the same, as well as pretty much everything else.


To recap, though, when you plug this flash drive into an iPhone, you’ll be promoted to install the iDisk Me app from the App Store. This allows you to transfer files onto or off of the flash drive. The app isn’t all that pretty. There isn’t much that stands out about it, but it does what it needs to do. It does have some cool features, like password-protecting files. It also has built-in previews for media, so you can view files right in the app without downloading them to your iPhone.

Who can use it?

So who is this product for? Well, it can be for a few types of people. If you’re into taking 4K videos on your iPhone, then this would be an easy way to transfer them to your computer, or better yet, record directly onto the flash drive. The same principle applies for photos, too. Another use would be if you’re someone who needs to transfer documents from their laptop to your phone, or vice versa. You can even use this as a regular, stylish flash drive — although a rather expensive one.

This model comes in a 32GB version, for $34.99, and a 64GB version, for $48.99. Both storage variants come in black (the one reviewed), silver, and rose gold. Links to both storage variants below!

32GB Black64GB Black


Overall, this is a solid product. There are no problems that jump out — it works, and it works well. I haven’t tried other flash drives from other companies, but this one always works when you plug it into your iPhone or your computer. The only downside to it is the app, but even that is not too bad. There are certainly major improvements over previous versions that OLALA has released, and it is safe to say that this is the best iPhone compatible flash drive that OLALA has released. For more details of the aspects that didn’t change since the ID100, see Keyan’s review here.

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