Google Home can now push Netflix and Google Photos to your TV

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Today, Google announced some new capabilities with the Google Home: Netflix, and Google Photos. These two integrations allow you to ask Google to play a show on Netflix on your TV, and display Google Photos on your TV — just by using your voice. These integrations should be the first of many that we see released over the next few months, as Google Home continues to expand in what it can do. Both of these integrations rely on Chromecast, so you’ll need that before you can use these commands.

You should start to see these changes rolling out as new versions of the apps roll out. Read more about these upgrades through the press release below, or see the whole post on Google’s blog, linked at the end of this post.

Serve up the holiday classics that make your season bright, hands-free, right to your TV — when Google Home is paired with a Chromecast device. Now, in addition to YouTube videos, you can stream any movie or TV series from Netflix to the TV, using just your voice*. Start with “Ok Google, play Stranger Things from Netflix on my TV” or “Ok Google, play Love Actually on Netflix on my TV”. You can even control your media with commands like “Pause this episode”, without lifting a finger. Netflix linking in the Google Home app is available now for iOS and rolling out to Android this week.

The holidays is the perfect time to gather around and relive memories from the year. Google Photos now works with Google Home, so you can share your photos on your Chromecast-connected TV, using just your voice. Simply say, “Ok Google, show my photos of Lake Tahoe on my TV” to see your beautiful pictures bigger. Even if you can’t remember the name of the album, you can search for pictures. Try “Ok Google, show my photos of selfies at Christmas on my TV” or “Ok Google, show my photos of Brazil sunsets on Chromecast”. You can even use your voice to search for your places, things and people.

Source: Google