Rowkin Bit Charge Review

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While a truly wireless earbud listening experience is becoming more common than before, each set of earbuds has a certain downfall. While these Rowkin earbuds offer a premium listening experience in an extremely small form, they do lack a little when it comes to comfort. With that said, lets take a look at the Rowkin Bit Charge, and see if its worth the price.

These are a pair of truly wireless earbuds that connect to your device via Bluetooth. Both earbuds connect wirelessly to each other, and then one earbud establishes a Bluetooth connection to your phone. While it’s advertised that you can connect to two devices at the same time, that only applies if you’re using one earbud — not two. And yes, you can only use one earbud if you so desire. The only downside is that you can’t tell the left earbud (the master channel) from the right earbud without turning them on, waiting for them to connect to each other, and then hearing which is which.

One of the first things you’ll notice is that they are extremely small; about the same size as a pair of normal earbuds. Although, these are considerably heavier than a regular pair of earbuds due to the internal battery. In that small package, however, they offer a rich listening experience comparable to an average set of headphones — certainly better than an average set of earbuds. I also found the bass to be quite nice in these, considering their size.

While the sound may be great, the microphone is not. When I was testing the microphone, the person on the call said they could barely hear me, so don’t get these if you want to use them for phone calls. The bad microphone is probably due to poor placement on the product, mostly due to its small form factor.

As for the battery, it will last for three hours of music listening, and the charge pack can recharge the earbuds up to fifteen times. You can also use the 2100 mAh charge pack to recharge your phone. While three hours isn’t all that long when compared to other semi-wireless earbuds, it is plenty suitable for walks, or shorter times of working outside of the office.

Now when it comes to comfort, these aren’t the best. For shorter periods of time, they work great, but any longer and they get uncomfortable. The other annoyance is that they always feel like they’re falling out of my ear. This factor may depend on your ear, but due to the lack of a fin, weight and no connecting cord, I found them to have a falling out tendency. I primarily use these when I’m not at my desk, which is only for around 90 minutes each week. For that short period of sitting down, they work great. I certainly wouldn’t use them as my primary headphones, as they do have a tendency to glitch out when the Bluetooth signal is weak.

Overall, these earbuds are alright. But with a $130 price tag, it may be worth looking into something like the $50 Syllable wireless earbuds we reviewed. However, you can find purchase links to the Rowkin Bit Charge and their other models at the end of this post. Also, be sure to check out our video review to get a better idea of the product.

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