3 great apps for your new iPhone

2 min read

Just get a new iPhone for the holidays? If so, you are probably downloading your regularly used apps right away, but now is probably the best time to also try some new apps. Here are 3 great apps to try if you haven’t used them yet.

Momentum: With a new year around the corner, many people are reflecting on how they can better improve their habits in 2017. This app called Momentum is the best tool you could use on your iPhone. With Momentum, you can set the daily habits that you want to work on day in and day out. Each day Momentum will remind you to review your list, which at that point you can them mark as complete if you accomplished it that day. As each day passes the bars will begin going from gray to green. I definitely recommend downloading this app when possible. It is currently free to download and if you really like it you can upgrade to the premium version for $4.99.

Download Momentum

Pocket: Ever find an article that you don’t have time to read but want to save for later? With Pocket, you can save articles and revisit them later. This is great for also keeping articles that peak your interest or articles on certain subjects you’re studying. This is one of my most used apps and one that I’d recommend for all smartphone users. You can download Pocket for your iPhone or iPad for free through the App Store.

Download Pocket

Twitterrific: Looking for an alternative to the stock Twitter app on iOS? Don’t get me wrong the stock Twitter app on iOS is great, but sometimes we need a change. Instead of downloading it why not give Twitterrific a shot? I’ve been using this Twitter client on my iPhone for the past week and I’ve got to say it surprised me on how well developed it is. Even better, it also has a companion Apple Watch app! You can download Twitterrific today for free through the App Store.

Download Twitterrific

I definitely recommend checking out these 3 apps if you haven’t done so already. So did you get a new iPhone for the holidays? If you did which model did you get? Comment below!