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OtterBox Defender cases for iPhone 7/7 Plus $20 off

OtterBox Defender cases for iPhone 7/7 Plus $20 off

OtterBox, makers of the #1 selling case in the US, now have their Defender iPhone 7/7 Plus cases discounted on Amazon, right around $30 — from $50. The Defender series is the most protective series by OtterBox, and will certainly protect your phone from scratches, dents, frequent drops and whatever else you can throw at it.

The Defender series offers three layers of protection. A front layer, a rubber layer that goes right around the phone, and a hard plastic shell that wraps it all in. The ports are also covered with rubber protection, so no dust or debris can get into the packaged Lightning connector on your iPhone.

There’s also a bunch of different designs available for the iPhone 7/7 Plus, if black isn’t your style. Different colors and sweet designs, all wrapped up in Amazon’s frustration free packaging. So what are you waiting for? Check out these sweet deals at the links below!

OtterBox Defender for iPhone 7OtterBox Defender for iPhone 7 Plus

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  1. MarinKrastanov

    50$ for a case? Pathetic! There are phones for 90$.

    • Alex Garcia (SuitsandTech)

      Yes there are phones for $90 but the iPhone 7 costs $649.99 full retail price. $25-$50 is worth it in regards to protecting your device from damage.

    • Patrick Campanale

      The same could also be said for cars. “$1200/yr for insurance! Pathetic! There are cars for $1250!”