The Woolet — your everyday carry just got smarter

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When it comes to things you can’t leave your house without, a wallet is one of the most important things. You kind of feel lost without one. But what if your wallet was smart enough to alert you when it’s been left behind? Well that’s exactly what the Woolet is. It’s a smart wallet that knows when your phone is far enough away that you’ve completely neglected to grab it.

How it works

In order for it to work properly, you obviously have to have your phone on you, but in most cases, our phone is the first thing we grab and take everywhere. If you have your phone, and have the Woolet app installed, you’re good to go. You can set distance parameters so you can specify just how far you can get from the Woolet before it alerts you. Another helpful feature is Quiet Zones. Quiet Zones help you set certain areas geographically so that you’re in that area, you won’t get alerted. Another cool thing is notification excluded networks, which allow you to specify certain networks so that when you’re connected to that network, you won’t get notified that you’ve left your wallet. For instance, if you’re in and around your house, you’re not going to take your wallet with you downstairs, so set up a network exclusion to avoid constant notifications. The last cool feature I’ll mention is the “Find my wallet function” which allows you make your Woolet play a tone so you can find it in your house or car or wherever. The noise is pretty high pitched, so if you’re in a room or two away, you can still hear it.

Quality and style

Of course, one of the most important things about any everyday carry item is quality and style. For style, I give the Woolet a passing grade. The Woolet looks pretty awesome. I got the brown leather version, which has an orange interior lining that contrasts the brown really nicely. There are four card slots which can fit more than one card nicely and are shaped so you can easily take a card out. To be honest, one of the first things that sold me on this wallet in regards to looks, was the shape of the card slots. They give a modern feel. Of course, you also have a cash slot pocket. It’s a big enough size to fit all the cash you need, so feel free to get all your cash back in ones. Inside the cash pocket hides another secret pocket, for keeping things like spare keys inside.

This Woolet is made of real calf leather. Now I do want to point out that if you want to grab a smart wallet that isn’t made out of an animal, Woolet has you covered. They make an Eco version made with synthetic leather. But on the regular Woolet, the leather is really nice. As with most real leather wallets, this is going to age nicely over time, looking better and better the more you take it out.


Now we can move on to the tech. Woolet is connected over low energy Bluetooth, which means you aren’t going to drain your phone’s battery just because you’re carrying around this wallet. Woolet claims the battery can last up to 6 months, now of course, I’m not going to take that long before reviewing the product. But from what I can tell, that estimate seems to hold up pretty nicely, meaning I’m not throwing the Woolet on a charger every night before I go to sleep. That brings me to one of the best parts, this thing is fitted with wireless charging! That means no plugging it in or keeping track of cords. Anytime something is wirelessly charged, I kind of geek out. I have a bunch of Qi chargers, but no current wirelessly charged phones to use them with. So when I saw that the Woolet was charged over QI wireless charging, I got excited. You can buy a charging pad directly from Woolet, which also looks fantastic. Or if you already have a QI charger, you can use that. The whole of the tech that goes into the Woolet is only 1 millimeter thick, which allows the Woolet to have a substantially slim design, so it fits nicely into your pocket.

Overall, the Woolet is a really cool product that lets you keep track of what’s most important. It has some cool tech built into it, and it doesn’t look half bad either. If you’re interested in picking one up, check it out at the link below! Also, be sure to look at our video review to get an up-close look at the Woolet.

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