Earin announces the Earin M2 — truly wireless and truly awesome

1 min read

Last year, Earin released the Earin earbuds: one of the first truely wireless earbuds. Other companies started trailing behind them with the truly wireless design. But, Earin was pushing a unique design with a truly wireless experience and ease of use — combined. While earbuds like the Apple Airpods exist, nothing really hit the sweet spot. That is, until now.

The Earin M-2 earbuds hit the sweet spot, and go beyond. They incorporate a bunch of really neat features that are extremely useful for everyday use. For instance, the microphone technology is updated beyond what is necessary. If you’re in a busy bar or a train station, the Earin earbuds will cancel out the noise and amplify your voice. This can come in handy basically anywhere, and when I got a demo of it, I was truly impressed.

The Earin earbuds are paired with NFMI technology (near field magnetic induction), which allows the signal to go through the head and not around, making syncing between the two efficient and reliable. Because the head is made of mostly water, Bluetooth can’t penetrate and push the signal through, so magnetic induction does the trick.

The M-2’s are extremely light. So light that you shouldn’t be able to feel them in your ears after a couple minutes of use. Earin claims that the M-2’s are lighter than Apple Airpods — a top competitor. I’ll go into more of the details in the coming weeks once I have the chance to do an in-depth review. But it must be noted that these earbuds are priced higher than Apple Airpods, at $249. That doesn’t mean they should be looked over, though.