Lenovo’s Smart Assistant is a $129 Amazon Echo alternative powered by Alexa

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Smart home products continue to get more and more popular and by far the best way to use them is through a voice-controlled hub like Google Home or Amazon’s Echo. Aside from those two, however, there are few products that offer an experience that is even similar, until now.

At CES 2017, Lenovo has announced the Smart Assistant, a new home speaker which can be used to control your home products, answer questions, and much more, all powered by Amazon’s Alexa platform.

Smart Assistant takes advantage of Alexa by recognizing user commands to conduct searches, play music, access and manage a calendar, create lists, and control various smart home devices.

Just like the Echo and Google Home, Smart Assistant has far-field 360-degree microphones for picking up a users’ voice throughout a room, as well as playing premium audio quality which was developed in part with Harman Kardon.

On the whole, Smart Assistant should feel like a familiar¬†product to anyone who owns an Amazon Echo or Echo Dot, so the question arises — why buy it in place of those established products? The simple answer is the price. Smart Assistant brings the premium audio quality and design from the larger Amazon Echo, as well as some cues from Google Home, for $50 less than the standard Echo at $129. Lenovo will open up sales of Smart Assistant in May.