JBL unveils the Pulse 3 — connect up to 100 speakers at a time

1 min read

A problem I ran into with the UE Booms was that you could only ever connect two speakers at a time. This doesn’t allow you to have a true party experience. But what if you could theoretically connect up to 100 speakers at a time and play the same song through all of them? Even better, what if it lit up? That’s exactly what the Pulse 3 is.

JBL unveiled their new line of speakers at CES 2017 and each of them looks fantastic. The focus with the Pulse 3s was that if you play music, you want it to look pretty. Well, the Pulse 3s do, in fact, look pretty. You can fully customize the light show experience through the JBL Connect+ app. The light show does light up to the beat of the song, adding a nicer and more natural light show experience. Personally, I think the LED’s in the Pulse 3’s look really cool.

The Pulse 3 is waterproof, so if the party gets even more insane, then the Pulse 3 can handle it. The waterproof rating goes up to IPX7, meaning if you found it necessary, you’re welcome to clean the device with running water. I got to feel the device in person and the material around the bottom feels really rugged and nice. In a nutshell, the Pulse 3 emits quality.

A single charge will give you up to 12 hours of playing time. That kind of life for a single charge is fantastic, especially if it has extras built in like lights. Overall, the Pulse 3 is a fantastic device from what I can tell, and we can’t wait to try it ourselves. You’ll be able to grab one in the spring for around $199.95 in both black and white.