Tronsmart dual port wall charger and Lightning cable review

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Phones aren’t perfect these days — they still need to be charged every day. Making that daily annoyance as effortless as possible is what Tronsmart is doing with their dual USB wall charger, with Quick Charge 3.0, and their high-speed charging Lightning cable. In this quick review, we take a look at what makes these products special.

Wall Charger

Let’s start with the wall charger. The good news is that it is skinny, so it won’t hog more outlet space than required. However, it is a little long, at 2.75”. I suppose it’s required for all the technology inside, but it certainly won’t fit well behind the couch. The end opposite the foldable plug has the dual USB ports, both of which offer Quick Charge 3.0.

If your phone doesn’t have Quick Charge (like mine), then the good news is that it will still charge whichever device you have as quickly as possible thanks to VoltIQ. VoltIQ senses the maximum voltage and amperage that your device can receive, then delivers that charging rate so your device spends as little time on the charger as possible. I love seeing this technology on products, as it makes a part of my life — although a small part — easier.

Lightning Cable

Now let’s talk about the Lightning cable. What separates it from the thousands of other cables? A few things. The biggest aspect that jumps out to me is the quality. The outside is a double-braided nylon layer, while the inside is reinforced with Kevlar fibers. But I’m not just going tell you that it’s strong, I’ll show you how it’s strong.

I did a few things to test this cable. First, I flung it over a tree branch and proceeded to hang from it for a few seconds. That’s me, hanging off of this cable. 100% of my weight was on that cable. It still worked great afterwards. As for a few other tests, I tied a bunch of knots in it, and it still charged just fine. Roll it over with the office chair? No problem.

After all that, there are only a few loose fibers on the cable, but no other damage. With these tests done, it’s safe to say that this will stand up to the daily grind for a long, long time.

As for other aspects about the Lightning cable, it uses thicker wires inside, which allow for a faster charge. This doesn’t matter a whole lot to me, as I charge my iPhone overnight, but this cable may be a great option for those who like a quicker charge during the daytime.


These two products from Tronsmart certainly offer a lot of durability and usefulness. The dual port wall charger offers fast charging for two devices at once — and it only uses one outlet. The Lightning cable offers not only a fast charging experience, but one with a cable that won’t fray or split from any type of use. The best part? The price. The wall charger will only cost you $22 on Amazon, and the Lightning cable will only cost $16. For products that are built to last, that is an excellent value. For that price, I highly recommend these products. Check out the links below to purchase them!

Dual Port Wall ChargerLightning Cable