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Belkin’s updated Wemo smart plug is now available for $34.99

Belkin’s updated Wemo smart plug is now available for $34.99

I’m sort of a home automation fanatic at the moment, so Belkin’s news out of CES earlier this month got me a little excited. The company has finally updated their Wemo Switch design to something a bit more modern — which was desperately needed.

The new design is a horizontal shape that is very sleek and glossy, and includes a bigger, flush power button on the front. The new design is a fraction the size of the previous option, allowing users to plug two units into a single vertical outlet.

With this new design, Belkin announced that they’ve updated the Switch to work with Google Home as well, but the functionality has yet to go live. Best of all, the new Wemo Switch is available for a mere $35, a much lower price compared to other compact smart plugs like this.

Belkin also introduced the new Wemo Dimmer, which is (of course) a smart light dimmer, and it follows the same design look of the new Switch. This Dimmer has small LEDs in the middle to indicate what level your lights are on, and can also control other Wemo products through various long presses. This new Dimmer should also be able to work with nearly any kind of light bulbs and interact with smart scheduling.

Unfortunately, pricing for the new Dimmer has yet to be announced, but the product should be available later this spring.

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