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The new NVIDIA SHIELD TV is now available for $199

The new NVIDIA SHIELD TV is now available for $199

After being announced at CES 2017, NVIDIA has released its latest TV set-top box, the new NVIDIA SHIELD TV. This updated model brings the same basic specs — a Tegra X1 and 16GB of storage — but with a new controller, new capabilities, and a much smaller body.

The new SHIELD TV offers Android TV once again, but this time based on Android Nougat which brings features such as multiple account support and multitasking. Further, the SHIELD (and other Android TV devices) will bring support for Google Assistant in the coming weeks which includes always-listening functionality on the SHIELD.

NVIDIA also has its GeForce Now streaming service active on the SHIELD, offering access to hundreds of games for an affordable cost. Plus, the SHIELD can stream games from a PC and has an exclusive library of local games available via Google Play.

The SHIELD isn’t just for gaming, though. This is also one of the few Android TV devices will full support for Amazon Instant Video and 4K HDR.

All of that in one package is impressive, but it’s even better considering affordable price point of just $199 which includes the game controller and the media remote. Now, the SHIELD is finally available for purchase from Amazon, Best Buy, and other various outlets as well.


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