Deal: Aukey Remote Switch with 5 wireless outlets and 2 remotes on sale for $21

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While smart outlets that connect to your Amazon Echo or Google Home are wonderful, they do come at a price ─ and an expensive one at that. Thankfully, there are lower cost alternatives, and these remote controlled outlet plugs from Aukey are a great solution.

These Aukey remote outlets consist of little devices that plug into an outlet, which themselves have another plug on them, for controlling anything plugged in there remotely. There are two remotes included, and they work through an RF signal that works up to 100ft, even through walls and doors.

Should you misplace a remote, there’s still a power button on the outlet plugs. As a bonus, the remotes have an “all on” and “all off” button for turning everything on, or off.

One centralized remote to conveniently operate devices from any location across the whole house – garage, living room, bedroom, or kitchen. No need to plug and unplug devices all the time or reach for switches across the room. Smart electrical outlets power on/off devices individually or simultaneously. Never leave things running when you’re not around with the “All Off” button. Save on energy bills by integrating smart outlets that eliminate standby power and taking control of your household electricity consumption.

This deal is live now on Amazon, all you have to do is hit the “buy 1, get 22% off” link on the product page to redeem the offer.

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