Hulu will soon allow users to watch movies and TV shows offline

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While Netflix is the favorite when it comes to streaming video online, Hulu offers something different with the ability to watch TV shows a day after they air on cable. However, Netflix just got even better with the ability to download content offline, something that might make Hulu subscribers a bit jealous. Fear not, though, Hulu’s CEO has confirmed that offline functionality is coming.

In an interview this week, Hulu CEO Mike Hopkins confirmed that Hulu will allow users to download both TV shows and movies for offline use on their mobile devices.

It’s something that we’re going be doing in a few months. We’re working hard on the technology around that and getting the rights squared away.

Hulu has yet to confirm what restrictions will be in place on offline content, but it’s easy to guess that only certain shows and movies will be available, just like on Netflix. Netflix had to work with content providers to work out the rights to download content offline, so it’s very likely that Hulu will need to do the same, possibly with even more providers.

This news comes just after Hulu finally debuted user profiles on mobile, allowing customers to share their accounts with family members without mixing up one another’s content. Further, Hulu is also preparing to launch a live streaming TV service. Needless to say, it’s a good time to go sign up.

Via: Polygon