Lumsing 15000mAh Power Bank with USB-C Review

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With USB-C products on the rise, the accessory market is hard at work keeping up with the new demand. But while USB-C cables and wall chargers are abundant, power banks have been lacking when it comes to USB-C compatibility. While I’ve had the opportunity to review plenty of power banks, the Lumsing 15000mAh power bank is the first one with USB-C that I’ve taken a look at.

Exterior design

First, let’s take a quick look at what the outside looks like. It has a pretty hefty build, but along with that comes a nice 15000mAh battery size. The one end has all the ports: a microUSB input, USB-C input and output, and two regular-sized USB outputs (one is a Quick Charge 3.0 port). The left side has a button to check the current battery level, which is interpreted through four LED’s on the front of the power bank. While the LED’s aren’t my favorite method of displaying the current charge level, it works well enough for an accessory.


The biggest feature of this battery bank is its single USB-C port. It handles charging the power bank as well as charging a connected USB-C device — through one port. These multipurpose ports are what gets me excited about the future of USB-C: one port can do more than one task. But what if USB-C isn’t your thing? No worry. There’s still a micro USB charging port and two regular USB outputs. As a bonus, you can use both charging inputs to charge the power bank, cutting the time in half. But is this a useful feature or just a gimmick? Personally, it seems to be more of a gimmick, because power banks are best charged overnight. However, it can be useful if you’re leaving on a trip and the power bank never got charged.

Most importantly, is the USB-C port effective in charging your device as quickly as a wall charger? The answer is a joyful yes. You’ll get the same charging speeds as plugging your phone into a USB-C to USB-C wall plug. It’s also worth noting how many charges you’ll get out of this power bank. The Google Pixel, with a 2770mAh battery can be charged around five times from this power bank. With the iPhone 7, you can expect around five times as well.


Now to sum up this review, are there any real downsides to this power bank? Functionality wise, no. But the 15000mAh capacity comes with a 12.46 ounce weight. This power bank is best used from a backpack or other carrying bag. However, there is another Lumsing power bank — just like this one — but 10000mAh! It’s not a whole lot smaller, but it’s certainly a step in the right direction. But if you’re looking for a power bank that’ll get all your devices through a long trip, or even a power outage, then this is a great one to get. The 15000mAh model can be purchased from Amazon for $28, but there’s also a 10000mAh model, that’s going for $24. Links to both are below, along with a coupon that works on both power banks!

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