Audio-Technica AD700X Headphones — HiFi for a low price

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If you’re looking for a comfortable, at home listening experience in a pair of headphones, you might not have to look any further than the AD700X. These Audio-Technica headphones are a nice pair of HiFi headphones that won’t destroy your wallet. But how do they hold up? Let’s find out.

Fit and design

The first thing you’ll have to get used to with the AD700X headphones is the fit itself. They have a wing support system instead of a headband. This allows the headphones to be light and fit comfortably on your head. These headphones are extremely light — you’ll actually be surprised at the weight these headphones have. In my case, it took me a good week before I got used to the weight and was comfortable with it. This is a cool system, mainly because it just holds up the headphones with the two “wings.”

The drivers are cased inside an aluminum honeycomb shell that looks really cool. It’s not only for looks, though. The honeycomb casing allows the headphones to be open-backed and provide a clear soundstage, and because the AD700x’s are so light, there’s practically no pressure on your ear, so the whole listening experience feels pretty natural. The thing about open-backed headphones is that everyone can hear what you’re listening to when they’re close by. Just keep that in mind.

Sound quality

The drivers themselves are 53mm, which provide really good sound. The sound is well balanced and doesn’t favor low ends over high ends, which makes for good, clear, audio. I’ve listened to these through my computer via a small DAC and Headphone Amp, and I’ve even used these with analog audio through my turntable. The sound is really good with the AD700x headphones.


Audio Technica is known for making good headphones that won’t break the bank. The AD700x’s were originally retailed at around $200. They’re pretty good headphones. Not only pretty good, but really good. But, it might be hard to justify buying a pair of headphones at $200 that have one main problem: the cord is very long and straight. It doesn’t wind up and shorten itself. At the time of writing this article, you can grab a pair of ATH-AD700X headphones for only $100, as opposed to the original $200 and in my personal opinion, that’s definitely worth it. Let us know what you think in the comments below if you happen to use a pair of AD700X headphones.

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