JAM Audio Wifi Speakers – Down with Bluetooth!

3 min read

I tend to travel around my house a lot. I also like to listen to music at the same time through speakers. But the problem with Bluetooth is that you have to constantly connect to different speakers if you want to play music through said speaker. JAM Audio has an easy solution. Use WiFi.

How does it work? Well if you know anything about how smart home technology works, it’s the same thing. You use your internet connection to connect everything in your home allowing you to control whatever is needed. For instance, with the JAM Wifi speakers, if you opened Spotify, you get a prompt at the bottom of the screen saying “devices available.” It’ll let you choose to play music through one of your JAM speakers. Simple right?

Not only can you play music through one speaker, but if you had multiple speakers positioned in your house, you could use the JAM app to pair certain ones and add them to a room. So when you choose that group in Spotify, the music will play through those speakers. You can even configure them, so one plays the left channel, and the other plays the right channel. It doesn’t have to be Spotify. You can also use iHeartRadio and even TuneIn to play music.

As for the audio quality these speakers play, it’s decent. For the Symphony – the larger one of the two – sound is loud and pretty clear. The JAM speakers can both go high, and you probably shouldn’t play them at full volume, for your eardrums sake. The Symphony speaker provides a good low-end response, and the high-end response is good, too, although the high ends can get a little shaky at higher volumes.

The Rhythm is the smaller of the two. The Rhythm focuses on lower ends more so than the Symphony does. That said, bass response is pretty decent, of course, because the sound is already in the lower ends. Though the form factor is smaller for the Rhythm, it still can provide just as much of a punch. The same issue goes for this one too. When the volume is too high, audio can start to crack. Just be careful with the high volumes.

Both speakers have physical buttons on them which are pretty tactile and hard to miss. Overall these speakers look pretty neat and provide a pretty good sound. It’s just nice to be able to enter a room and switch speakers directly from Spotify.

Something to consider also adding to the speakers might be an Alexa enabled portable speaker, called JAM Voice. With a decent battery life and good sound, you can’t beat a portable speaker that has Alexa built-in. One issue I do have with this little guy is the fact that you can’t say “Hey, Alexa” and get a response. You have to push the button on the top of the speaker to activate Alexa. With the Voice, voice recognition is good. Of course, you won’t be far away when you Activate Alexa, so voice recognition from a distance isn’t a concern at all. The sound on the JAM Voice speaker is great. The sound is balanced well with good lows and highs. As far as battery life goes, the portable speaker will last a good hour or two playing music. What’s cool is that you can either connect to the voice using WiFi or you can use Bluetooth for music on the go. So if you have this setup in the house, just play through Spotify, or play directly somewhere else with a Bluetooth connection.

All in all, these three speakers are awesome products from JAM Audio. The Symphony and Rhythm are good choices if you want to set up your smart home and need a couple of WiFi speakers that sound pretty good. The Jam Voice is a good choice if you want a small form factor and an Alexa enabled device, all in one.