Tronsmart Presto 10400mAh: the best power bank for your Pixel

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I’ve been on the hunt for the best power bank to suit a variety of applications for a while. But lately, I’ve been searching for one portable enough that I can throw it in my backpack, or use in the car. But there’s a catch: I want to charge my Pixel at maximum charging speed, which means the power bank needs a USB-C port.

Enter the Tronsmart Presto 10400mAh: the solution to my problem.


Weighing about a half of a pound, the Presto 10400mAh is equipped with a USB-C input/output port and a full-size USB port for charging other devices, like an iPhone. It also has QuickCharge 3.0 on the full-size USB port so phones like the LG V20 can use QuickCharge. The body has a matte finish with four LEDs on top for showing the battery percentage. Pressing the button on the side lights up those LEDs.


Now, let’s talk about the performance of this. I used the Ampere app and measured the milliamps that I was getting from the Presto 10400mAh, compared to a USB-C wall charger. I got a max of 1070 mA from the Tronsmart, and a max of 1040 mA on my wall charger (note: test was done when battery was above 90%). This is showing that while you’re on the go, you can charge your Pixel at the same speed that you would at home. This is a huge plus for me. And just for reference, if you were to use a USB-A to USB-C cable, you’d only get charging speeds of 890 mA. Your Pixel also won’t show up as “rapidly charging.” This just goes to show that true type-C to type-C charging is, indeed, faster than type-A to type-C.



As for the battery capacity of the Presto 10400mAh, it is, well, 10400mAh. With the Pixel packing 2770mAh, you might think that you can get about 3.75 complete charges on your Pixel from this power bank. Well, that’s not the case. Energy loss is a factor — especially in the form of heat. So, Tronsmart suggests that you’ll be able to get 2.5 complete charges on your Pixel. This degree of energy loss is typical, so expect to see similar results with whatever power bank you look at.


Let’s also look at some other details about this. The Presto 10400mAh comes with Tronsmart’s VoltIQ, which is a pretty neat feature. Basically, it detects the device plugged in, and determines the maximum amount of current that can be delivered to it. This means that your iPhone, Bluetooth headphones, and Android phone can all charge at the fastest speed possible. While this doesn’t apply to the USB-C port, it’s still a nice feature to have.


The Tronsmart Presto 10400mAh also comes with two nice, short cables: a USB-C to USB-C and a USB-A to USB-C. There’s even a soft carrying bag included for easy transport. Overall, I’d say this product is an absolute win for any Pixel owner. The inclusion of USB-C makes it ideal to quickly charge up my phone while I’m on the go, and the small form factor to carry in a bag. If you think you’d benefit from this power bank, then the purchase link is below!

Tronsmart Presto 10400mAh