Verizon brings back unlimited data for $80/month, trade-in program for new users

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Whether you like them or not, Verizon is still the king in the cellular race right now. One way many of their competitors have tried to catch up — namely T-Mobile and Sprint — is with unlimited data, since Verizon hasn’t offered that for years.

However, Verizon has just surprised everyone by bringing back an official unlimited data plan available to all customers for $80 a month.

Available starting today, Verizon’s new unlimited plan offers just that, unlimited data. Pricing for the plan starts at $80 a month for a single line user, or $180 a month for a family of four. Multi-line pricing breaks down to $100 for the group with a $20 access fee for each additional user.

Included in the plan is, of course, unlimited talk and text, as well as unlimited data, with one slight catch. Users who use in excess of 22GB in a billing cycle may be throttled during peak network congestion, but video and hotspot data won’t be throttled like on competing plans from T-Mobile. 10GB of hotspot data and 500MB of LTE data roaming in Canada and Mexico is included as well.

As mentioned, Verizon will be offering this new unlimited plan starting today, with all of its previous plans remaining available.

Along with the new plan, Verizon is offering special trade-in offers for its best phones, including the Google Pixel, iPhone 7, Moto Z family, and LG V20. You’ll need to trade in a fully paid off smartphone in working condition and sign up for the unlimited plan to be eligible for the trade, and the amount you’ll get for trading in will vary from device to device. You can learn more about this offer here.

Source: Verizon Wireless