Razer BlackWidow Chroma V2 – The BlackWidow just got scarier

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If you owned the original BlackWidow Chroma, you’d know that all in all, it is a really good keyboard. But what could make it even better? That’s the question Razer asked themselves in order to come up with the BlackWidow V2, an even better version for the same exact price.

The BlackWidow Chroma V2 is a beautiful keyboard. It has a rather simple yet good looking design at a glance, but when powered up, it looks even better. Of course, it has the kickstands on the back that prop up the keyboard, but with the V2, something special was added.

First of all, they added a wrist rest, which feels and looks awesome. It super soft and smooth, yet it doesn’t grab onto your skin after a few minutes of use. It’s held on magnetically and has rubber footing so it won’t slip away. The Razer logo is embossed into the material, which is a nice touch.

The keys on the V2 are coated in a special anti-smudge material, which is another addition to this version. The coating actually works really well. I’ve been using this keyboard for a couple weeks now and can honestly say I haven’t had a single problem with smudges on my keys. It was almost a little weird not seeing any smudges.

The keys on my BlackWidow V2 are Razer’s self-made green switches. This keyboard comes in three different configurations. You can either grab green, yellow, or orange keys. Green switches are clicky and tactile, providing a good sound while also giving a nice feedback. The Orange switches are exactly like green with a tactile bump, yet they provide no click, for the avid gamer who wants silence. Lastly, yellow switches are silent and linear, meaning no bump and no sound.

The green’s feel really nice, the sound is great and the bump is almost perfect. I’m a huge fan of keyboards that can find a middle ground when it comes to the click. I like when the click isn’t extremely loud, but it’s still audible.

One of the best parts about Chroma keyboards is the color customization option you have. With over 16.8 million color options, you can get exactly what you want your keyboard to look like using Razer Synapse. The awesome part is that with the in-depth customization options, you could literally spend hours designing an awesome look for your keyboard. Some stock options for lighting are things like Ripple, or wave, and even the Fire option which looks pretty awesome. But if you want to step it up, you could literally do any color in any configuration.

Some smaller features with the V2 that are nice additions are the Audio Jack and USB passthrough. Specifically for me, my computer is too far to plug in my headphones, so I just use the passthrough to plug them in and it’s perfect. Same goes for the USB passthrough. I can plug in a flash drive or even gaming headphones with ease. Additions like these make me fall in love with some products. Another feature for gamers is Macro recording and Gaming mode. Gaming mode allows you to game without accidentally hitting the Start menu button and ruining your match. It deactivates the Start menu button until you turn it off so that doesn’t happen.

The BlackWidow Chroma V2 is an awesome upgrade from the original. The best thing about it is that with all these additions, It’s the same price coming in at $169. Overall, the BlackWidow Chroma V2 is an awesome keyboard for really anyone. I’ve been using it for a good two weeks like I said and I loved every minute of it. I even wrote the review on it and have come to the conclusion that this keyboard is insanely comfortable. The wrist rest is probably my favorite addition. If you want to check it out you can hit the button below or you can go to the Razer website. Let us know if you own one and how you like it!

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