5 great accessories for the Honor 6X

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The Honor 6X, much like any other phone, shouldn’t go without accessories. So what should you buy? Well here are five options for you.


The most important thing to get is probably a case. The first case is by SPARIN and it’s called the Rugged Dual Layer Case. This case is good for protecting your Honor 6X from drops or really any damage. The main cool thing is the ring on the back of the case. It’s purpose is to provide a more secure grip. You can put your finger through it to use as a safety mechanism. It could also be used to sit the device up for watching videos. It’s a good simple case that only costs $9.

GKK also has a pretty neat case. It’s made from three separate pieces, which when combined together form the case itself. The material has a matte finish that I actually like a lot. It doesn’t feel like it’s going to slip out at all and it’s thin so it doesn’t really add any bulk. It nicely hides the Honor logo on the front, too, which makes for a cleaner presence. Overall, it’s a good case for $9.

This next case is very simple. It’s made of TPU and is pretty thin and light. It’ll definitely protect your phone, but it doesn’t really feel like it. If you don’t like the blue, there are other cool color options as well. There really isn’t much to this case at all. It’s just a good case for $8.


Sparin Honor 6X Case GKK Honor 6X Case Remex Honor 6X Case

Charging Accessories

The last two are charging accessories. The first being a charging brick. The charging brick is by ARCHEER and is a good option if you want a dual-port charging brick for only $9. Both ports provide rapid charging allowing for a fast and solid charge for your 6X. It has a small LED on the front which is a cool little touch. Overall, it’s a good power brick for your 6X and any other device you have.

Since the 6X is Micro-USB, you’ll need a Micro-USB cable. Anker makes one of my favorite cables, just because of the color and braided design. The Anker PowerLine plus Micro-USB cable is an extremely reliable cable at only $9. It even comes with a small carrying case which is pretty cool. If you’re looking for a Micro-USB cable this is probably the one you want to go with.

Anker Powerline microUSB Cable Archeer 2-Port USB Charger

These are just some of the cool accessories to go with your 6X. If you want to check them out you can look at the links below. Let us know if you know of any other cool options in the comments below!