Opinion: The new Huawei Watch 2 is ugly, and a step backwards from the original

2 min read

Recently, Huawei announced their updated version of the Huawei Watch: the Huawei Watch Sport and Classic models. The Sport model is, well, quite sporty with a silicone band and a rather sporty look around the face. The Classic model bears more resemblance to the Sport than I would like,  with only slightly sleeker hardware and the absence of LTE to be found.

Both of these watches bear little to no resemblance to the original Huawei Watch with its elegant design. So why would Huawei stray so far from that successful model that everyone loved?


One of the first reasons could be cost. Huawei wanted to integrate LTE into the new Huawei Watch, and that required some changes on the LTE-equipped Sport model. While the antennas don’t run through the band like on the LG Watch Sport, they are housed inside of the watch, requiring it to be built from plastic. Thankfully, though, the band is still removeable. That had to be paired with a thick body for the LTE internals.

But to keep everyone happy, Huawei also announced a Classic version — which doesn’t look classy, at all, to me. It still has the thick bezel and large body that the Sport model has. The reason why they are similar? Cost. It costs lots of money to develop two completely different versions of the same product.


The next reason is the rise of fitness smartwatches. Almost all of the low-end smartwatches are focused on fitness, with the classy ones becoming fewer and fewer, or just being outright expensive. So perhaps, Huawei just wanted to blend into the market. That’s entirely possible, but totally against them. One of the reasons the original Huawei Watch sold so well is because it featured a classic, elegant design that worked with plenty of outfits, and could seamlessly blend with a suit.


As for the last reason, I’m going to peg it as technology. Or, the lack thereof. The parts needed for a smartwatch to function aren’t super small. They’re small, but not small enough that you can throw a ton of parts into a micro-sized body. The biggest aspect is the battery. So, by going with a sporty model, Huawei has a little more room to play around with.

Final Thoughts

What does that leave us with? A smartwatch that fits in with everyone else. If you’re into the sporty look, then you may love it (I’m looking at you, Ben!) But if you’re like me and those I know with the Huawei Watch, you’ll hate this sporty look.

So, what am I looking for in a smartwatch? The answer is a clean, simple, yet elegant design that will pair with anything from jeans and a sweatshirt to a black tie. That’s what my Huawei Watch does for me now. But, I’d love that watch to also have a rotating crown and NFC. Wireless charging would be a plus, too, but you can’t have everything…