JLAB Flex Headphone Review

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With all the headphones on the market today, it’s not hard to find decent pair. But when it comes to wireless headphones, it can get interesting. You want a pair that has good sound, but they must be comfortable. There’s no use in getting a pair that will give you a headache after wearing them for a long time.

Flex by JLAB

The Flex pair of headphones by JLAB offer a good balance of decent sound and comfort. They have a nice bonus too — Active Noise Cancellation (ANC). Which, according to JLAB, cancels out 94% of ambient sound.

When you first get the package, you get the impression that JLAB hasn’t scrimped on presentation. The box is well decorated with various images of people wearing the headphones. Open the box, and you find a protective case that houses the headphones when they’re powered down and folded. And inside the case is where you find the main attraction.

Even though they look pretty much like all the other pairs on the market, especially where form and function come in, they have a cleaner design than most. Shaped ear cups to go over your entire ear, with comfortable padding on each ear cup, and a single, metal band with the JLAB logo hold everything together.


Pairing the set couldn’t be easier. If you are going directly from the box, turn them on, and pair them with the device of your choice. Other than that, you can press and hold down the power button until you receive the “pairing” notification from the headset. After that, go to the Bluetooth menu on your device and select the JLAB Flex. It’s just as simple as any other pair of Bluetooth headphones, and the connection is reliable for the most part.


Once you have them set up, then you get to experience the performance of the headphones. Now, comparatively speaking, when put up against my Plantronics Backbeat PRO+, they perform admirably. While the Plantronics pair has the edge on innovative technology, they sound close to the same with the ANC on. With ANC off, the music sounds sort of muffled — like trying to listen through cotton batting. Turn ANC on, and the music becomes quite clear.

The ANC is supposed to block out 94% of ambient sound. Now, to test this, I was looking for a rather noisy environment. I didn’t find one. But I did settle for the next best thing, a living room with two rather noisy fans. While the ANC was off, I could clearly hear the drone of the fans over that of the music when it came to a quiet spot in the song. After I turned the ANC on, I could barely hear anything besides the music — even when sitting next to one of the fans.

A rather interesting issue I found was the way that they fit. Now, nobody wants a pair of headphones that is too tight. It’s no fun to feel like your head is stuck in a vice. But you also want them to stay on your head. This pair felt too loose when I was wearing them. Any time that I bent over I had to make sure they stayed on my head.


All in all, I can say that, if you’re looking for a decent pair of wireless, over the ear, noise-cancelling headphones, you probably won’t regret the purchase, especially at $149.

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