Google’s new tool makes it easy to redesign your Android homescreen

1 min read

Android is super customizable. There are so many icon packs, wallpapers, and launchers available to customize your home screen.

With all those options, it can be hard to find the perfect home screen without a lot of searching. But that searching ends today: Android announced on Twitter the #myAndroid Taste Test, which is a quick test that asks you a bunch of different questions about your design tastes, and then suggests different home screens at the end.

Some of the questions that are asked in the test include:

  • Vibrant or muted
  • Light or dark
  • Warm or cool
  • Patterned or random
  • Realistic or abstract

Each one of the questions is accompanied by a fun picture of GIF, and there’s plenty of fun questions mixed in as well. What’s really cool, is that it pulls the data from various apps on the Play Store. So, this little quiz is great for developers, too. Some of the apps it suggested were Nova Launcher, Smart Launcher, and a broad mix of icon and wallpaper apps. But interestingly enough, the only keyboard app it seemed to suggest was Gboard. It’s possible that they’re trying to push it after yesterday’s update, but we can’t be sure.

At the end, you’ll have your personalized options for launchers, wallpapers, icons, widgets, and keyboards. I took the test myself and found that the suggestions lined up with what I like, although I tend to stick to stock icons and launchers.¬†Head on over to the website linked below to take the test, and let us know what your new home screen setup is!