Make your Echo Dot portable with the Fremo Evo

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The Echo Dot is an all-around fantastic device. It’s small, blends into any room, works great, and is even affordable. But it’s not portable, making the small form factor seem wasteful. Thankfully, that doesn’t have to be a problem with the Fremo Evo for Echo Dot: a battery to make your Echo Dot portable.


The Fremo Evo is a battery base for the Echo Dot. The Evo is about the same size as the Echo, and comes in either white or black to match your Echo. It packs a 5200mAh battery inside that has enough juice to power the Dot for eleven hours of standby time. Your Echo Dot secures to the base thanks to a metal plate and a magnet, but does so without any interference. Plus, you can easily separate the two. On the back there’s a micro USB input to charge and power the Evo, as well as the power output to power the Echo. The Echo joins the Evo nicely with a minimalistic adapter that helps hold the units together. On the front of the Evo there’s four dim battery level indicators, but that’s it.


Now, how well does the Fremo Evo work? Simply put, quite well and as expected. The Echo Dot is always receiving power from the Evo, so it is constantly powered, even when you unplug the Evo, or plug it back in. The battery life is pretty decent. I don’t use my Echo a ton, just the occasional voice command to change the office lights. So with that use, it lasted for eleven hours on battery, connected to my Bluetooth speakers. If you’re using the built-in speaker, then you’ll certainly see different results — around six hours is common for this.


So far we’ve seen that the Fremo Evo is a solid product that works quite well. But how can you actually use it? Well, the first application is simply using it in different rooms. Say, you might use your Echo in your bedroom overnight to set alarms and listen to music, and then in the morning bring it to your home office to charge. With the freedom of cordless, you could also use your Echo Dot in places where it would be unsightly to have a cord. This could be a table in the center of the room or a ledge away from power. Another great way to use the Fremo Evo is for listening to music or podcasts while you move from one room to another.

Final Thoughts

Of course, those aren’t the only ways to use the Evo. There are countless ways that you can take advantage of this product. I definitely think this is a worthwhile accessory for any Echo Dot owner, and it certainly puts the portable back into the Echo. Plus at only $35, it’s quite affordable. If you want to pick up one for yourself, or as a gift, then the Amazon purchase link is below.

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