Pushbullet comes to Linux with PB for Desktop

2 min read

As a Linux user, I understand that some apps will be limited compared to the two big desktop platforms, but one thing I’ve sorely missed is a Pushbullet app. However, it’s nice to see a third party developer filling in the app gap! Enter PB for Desktop. The alternative desktop client for Pushbullet that brings the awesome services to the Linux desktop.

PB for Desktop is built by developer Sidneys in what seems to be using the Electron app platform. Electron is essentially a throwback to webOS style web wrappers built in JavaScript, HTML, and CSS to perform as native applications across multiple platforms. PB for Desktop accomplishes this fairly well for an early build.

Sidneys Github provides several prebuilt binaries for all the major players: Windows, Mac, and Linux. Interestingly for Linux users, they offer Ubuntu and Fedora packages, but universal AppImage builds as well. This makes the app installation executable on any version of the Linux desktop. With a few clicks you can have PB installed and ready to use.

I can’t vouch for the Windows and Mac desktops, but Linux use was hit or miss on Fedora. The app launches as expected and presents a stripped down presentation of Pushbullet.com, but notifications have been spotty for me. SMS is missing for me. I’ve yet to receive a text message. Other notifications seem to be coming through successfully, so it may be an isolated bug.

Despite its shortcomings (that I have submitted a Github issue to research), PB for Desktop is a long wanted desktop solution for me on Linux. I use Pushbullet on a daily basis and pay for the premium service. I’m not sure how long PB will last on Windows and Mac with competing for support from the official Pushbullet accounts, but I sincerely hope the Linux desktop development continues. If you want to check out PB for Desktop yourself, head over to https://sidneys.github.io/pb-for-desktop and give it a download.

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