Logitech POP review: So easy, anyone could do it

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One of the biggest cons about home automation happens when you don’t have a system set up and you need to fumble around through various apps on your phone just trying to turn on your lights or lock your door. It’s at that point most people think that having physical switches are better (they aren’t). If you’re one of those that need something quick and easy to just press and have something happen, then these Logitech Pops are for you.

Basically, the Logitech Pops are small smart buttons that activate an action with a tap, double tap, or long press. Yes, three different actions per button. Also, they can pretty much control everything thanks to products that actually connect to, but I’ll get to that in a bit.

First, let’s take a look at these “pops”. In the starter kit, you’ll get two pops and a bridge to control them. This bridge is pretty minimal and it actually plugs directly into an outlet, which you can easily hide behind a couch or a dresser. The bridge has an indicator LED on the front so, just in case something goes wrong, you can quickly tell. However it’s only in one color so it basically has two statements: “Everything is ok” or “Something’s wrong, check your phone.”

Now back to the buttons, they are 2.5” squares that are half an inch high, and have a pronounced circular button on top. Again, the buttons react to three different types of presses so that helps with knowing what actions respond to which buttons. They also come in a few different colors: White, Coral, Teal, and Alloy. They also come in bundle packs as well.

There’s not too much to say about the buttons themselves, they are tactile and work 90% of the time you press them. If you don’t press it with a wee bit of force or if you press on the non-raised part then it won’t activate, any other press works just fine. You can also pretty easily mount them to any surface with some basic 3M tape or velcro. Plus they aren’t super obnoxious looking which adds to the appeal of getting some, they blend into the background and do simple tasks quickly.

The app to control them is just as simple as the buttons are. You originally open it up to connect to the main bridge, then it will detect buttons that are in the vicinity after you pair them with WiFi or bluetooth. Then after that the main screen you’ll see will list your active buttons so that you can edit their functionality or virtually use them from the app. There’s a side menu that also has categories for editing bridges or POPs, general settings (there’s only two of them), and “about settings” ─ like I said, everything is simple.

The POP system supports a lot of devices and hub devices, the hubs are important because hubs can control MANY devices at once. So far I have my POPs set up to control my (Hue) lights, my (non-smart) TV through the help of the Harmony Hub, and my Sonos speakers. There’s also two modes to the buttons presses, simple and advanced. Simple is a basic on and off, like a switch, so you can turn lights on at a set color and then they can turn back off. Advanced is just one action, like a command, do this one thing and only this. Most of my presses are simple, but I could also set an advanced press that could do a mass command to many smart tech.

There presents the one downfall to these buttons. They are simple enough to be used with anything but have the ability to become way more advanced granted you have the smart home system for it. Until I get more and more smart home technology, then the POPs are glorified light switches and remote controls. Luckily though all I need to do is press them instead of fumbling around with my phone.

Currently the Logitech POPs comes in a starter pack, which consists of 2 buttons and a bridge for $100, or individually for $40. This presents another possible downfall. There are other products on the market that emulate the functionality of Logitech’s system, the main thing in Logitech’s favor though is their device support which far outweighs the competition — and is something I’m constantly amazed with. So go grab starter pack today if you want some simple control over your smart home!

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