RHA T20i Earphone Review

3 min read

It seems like the market is currently dominated by big audio companies trying to sell you their take on the best headphones. It doesn’t matter if they’re over the ear headphones or in-ear earbuds, you can find what you want from big names like Bose, Audio-Technica, and the like. But a company called RHA is setting out to make some great audio equipment for affordable prices, and they’re relatively new.

For example, take the RHA T20i over-ear earbuds. The build quality is fantastic. Made out of stainless steel, these things can’t get anymore sturdy. The casing is cast and molded into and awesome contoured shape that fits your ear really well. Not to mention it looks pretty unique and beautiful.

The T20i earphones are meant to scream quality and HiFi, hence the over-the-ear hook design. Most often this design is found on HiFi monitor earbuds used by professionals in the music industry. After a while of use, the ear hooks work pretty well. You have to fiddle with them to get them just perfect, but after that, they do a fantastic job of holding the earbuds in place.

The entire build of the T20i’s is amazing. With a reinforced 3.5mm termination and an oxygen-free copper cable that’s rated for high durability, these earbuds are strong. The build quality is fantastic, especially after a while of use.

Now the earbuds themselves are pretty nice as well. The T20i’s come with a carrying case that houses a total of 10 pairs of ear tips. That’s right. Ten pairs. It comes with six dual density ear tips, two double flanged pairs, and 2 Comply Foam pairs. If it doesn’t fit right the first pair, keep trying. You’ll get it right eventually. I love the flanged tips because they have a secure hold, and provide incredible sound. But enough about ear tips. Let’s move on to the fun stuff.

The T20i is packed with a high-resolution DualCoil Dynamic Driver. This driver is engineered by RHA to give high-resolution sound reproduction. Two coils mean two different voice coils with a certain frequency range per coil, providing an awesome reproduced sound. Besides the driver, RHA does something else to completely revamp your listening experience. They provide three tuning filters. These filters are awesome because each has a different sound to it. The main filter is the reference filter, which is a flat sound where there isn’t a preference on low ends or high ends. The second is the Treble filter which is +3dB above 1kHz. This puts emphasis on high ends more than low ends, which is good for rock or vocal performance music. The last filter is the Bass filter coming in at an effective max +3dB below 200Hz. Obviously, the Bass filter puts emphasis on low ends, favoring genres like Pop and some Electronic music. If you’re an Audiophile, you’d definitely want to take advantage of the tuning filters just because they change the way music sounds by changing vibration patterns instead of electronically.

Overall, the sound and build quality make these earbuds worth it. They start at around $249. That may seem like a lot, but with the amount of engineering and design work that went into these, they’re worth it to me.

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