Sengeled Pulse Solo Bluetooth light bulb and speaker review

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The Sengeled Pulse Solo is a 2-in-1 smart bulb and stereo speaker featuring JBL speakers. This is the world’s first LED light with dual speakers in one bulb. It offers you all the convenience of a smart light, along with an always on Bluetooth speaker. But can it deliver on everything it promises?


The bulb itself uses the traditional E26 fixture however, it is much larger and heavier than traditional bulbs. If you’re planning on packing all of this into a light bulb, then it’s pretty reasonable to expect it to be larger and heavier. Be sure to check it will fit in your lamp before buying, and that being top heavy won’t cause your lamp to tip over.


If you’ve ever changed a light bulb before then you’ll have no issues installing the Sengeled Pulse Solo. Do not install it on a dimmer switch or circuit, but besides that, it’s as easy as can be. The only issue you might run into is if it will fit due to its size as I pointed out above.

After installing the bulb the light will come on right away and you can pair it immediately to your phone using Bluetooth. From there you can start hearing music from Google Play Music, YouTube, Spotify, Pandora, and more. If you can play it on your phone you can hear it through the speaker.

Controlling the light takes a separate app that you must download for your Android or iOS device. From here you simply choose which product you want to control, in our case the Pulse Solo and you’re ready to go. You can control the brightness of the bulb, turn it on or off, and control the volume of the speaker. The volume can also be controlled using the volume rocker on your phone.

It’s important to note while this bulb does offer wireless control with an app, it is not compatible with Amazon Echo or Google Home. You will be restricted to using the app alone to control it.

The light itself is a pleasing warm yellow color and is energy efficient using up to 9.5W of power, or up to 12.5W when the speaker is in use. It is equivalent to a 40W incandescent bulb, and you are able to dim the light to your chosen level. The bulb cannot change color in any way if that’s something that’s important to you.


Distance for me was a mixed bag using the Sengeled Pulse Solo. It claims to work up to 30 feet, yet there were times when the phone was in my pocket and audio would cut out within 10 feet Other times I could be up to 20 feet away and hear the audio just fine. Controlling the light was just as mysterious. It seemed as long as I was within 10 feet I could always pair it up immediately. While sometimes at a distance of 20 feet it couldn’t link to the bulb, requiring me to get closer to the bulb to control it. That basically defeats the purpose of having a Bluetooth controlled light.

I’ve used several Bluetooth accessories and this by far was one of the most confusing to keep paired. If you plan on using it in a small bedroom I think it would be fine. I had mine in the living room and once I got 20 feet away or more I started having issues. Walls also caused issues when trying to connect initially. However, if you connected to it first and then walked to the same spot (around 20 feet away), you could still control the bulb.

Audio Quality

The Sengeled Solo Pulse has dual 1.07″ JBL speakers featuring left and right speakers for stereo sound. With a big name like JBL I must say I expected better. The sound overall was muddy but does offer plenty of volume. I was probably setting my sights too high for a light bulb. A dedicated Bluetooth speaker will offer much better quality. To be fair, it’s difficult to expect too much from a speaker that’s been crammed into a light bulb.


Overall the premise of a wireless controlled light and speaker sounds nice. Who doesn’t want a light and speaker you can control wirelessly without getting up? Especially a speaker that doesn’t require charging and is always on. Sadly in practice, it can be a bit of a let down on both fronts. The Sengeled Pulse Solo tries to offer you the best of both worlds but comes up a little short.

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