Simple Card now supports Android Pay

1 min read

When Google shut down the Google Wallet card in June of 2016, one of the recommended replacements was the Simple Card. Simple is great! I really enjoy using Simple, because it’s simple! The app is easy to use. I can check my balance, deposit a check via mobile, and turn my card on/off when needed.

Except there was one slight problem. The card that was recommended by Google to replace the Google Wallet Card did not support Android Pay. Whenever I bugged Simple about this simple request, I was told that it was coming soon. I was told “coming soon” after every inquiry. Yes, I may have made one or ten inquiries about Android Pay support.

Coming soon is today! I received a notice from Simple that Android Pay support is now available. I rushed to my phone to add Simple to my Android Pay app. Adding Simple was, well, simple. I just answered a few security questions. Simple sent me a message saying they received my request and that it would be about two business days to add the card. Considering I’ve been waiting several months for Android Pay support, I guess I can wait two more days. My local bank was able to add my bank card to Android Pay while I was on the phone with them.

I tried adding Simple to Samsung Pay and it didn’t go through. I reached out to Simple and they told me, “…coming soon.”

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