It really can wait, distracted driving hurts everyone

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Here at YourTechExplained we love our gadgets, but we also care about our friends, families, and audience. April is Distracted Driving Awareness Month, and distracted driving is never OK. Research shows that 62% of drivers keep their phone within arm’s reach, and 7 in 10 use their smartphone while driving. Texting and emailing are some of the most frequent activities while social media follows closely behind.

Texting and emailing are some of the most frequent activities while social media follows closely behind. One in three drivers cite addiction as their main reason for using their phone while driving. Only 58% believe that using their phone behind the wheel is “very dangerous” and these same people are twice as likely to have been in a near crash or collision.

A survey shows 4 out of 10 are on social media, 3 out of 10 are surfing the net, and a ridiculous 1 out of 10 are on a video call. There are more important things to keep your eyes on while driving people, like the road for instance. Getting where you are going safely is much more important than that notification on your phone.

If you’ve ever watched The Talking Dead with Chris Hardwick, you know even his mother is a strong advocate against texting and driving. That is what AT&T’s It Can Wait campaign is all about.

Our friends at AT&T are hoping you’ll take this month to take the It Can Wait pledge to help keep yourself and everyone else safe on the roads. Research from AT&T shows that the simple act of taking the pledge really does help. Of the people who signed up in 2016, almost half say they no longer use their phone while driving. People who pledge are also more likely to spread the word to others. With 4 in 10 asking a friend or family member to not use their phone while driving, or asking a passenger to operate their phone while driving.

Whether you take the pledge or not, we all share the roads together, so let’s all pay more attention to the road and other drivers to make sure you or your loved ones don’t become another statistic…