CobblePro Pentagon Bluetooth Speaker Review: Perfect for the outdoors

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It seems that every Bluetooth speaker has a specific use case that it is really good at — and the CobblePro Pentagon is no exception. The Pentagon seems like a great outdoor speaker, with it’s rugged body and contrasting colors. But does it actually live up to it’s expectations? Let’s find out.


The first thing that stood out to me about the Pentagon was it’s rugged design. Its compact body feels quite solid in hand, and the firm rubber around the sides protects it from drops. There’s even a metal hook on top that, when paired with the included carabiner, allows the speaker to be clipped to a bag. Another nice aspect about the Pentagon is that it comes in four different colors: black, orange, sand, and light gray. To top it off, it’s IP67 rated, meaning it’s protected from dust and immersion in water up to one meter.


The CobblePro Pentagon has several features that aren’t found on other Bluetooth speakers. One of those is the fact that it the internal 2000mAh battery can be used as a power bank. The next is the different indoor and outdoor modes. The indoor mode is a normal listening experience, with a fair amount of bass, while outdoor mode cranks up the treble to make them crazy loud.

But there’s something even cooler: you can pair two speakers together for stereo mode. The setup for that is straightforward, too. Just turn both speakers on, and they’ll automatically pair together. Then just pair to one of the speakers on your phone, and you’re set. Overall, stereo mode works quite well. In my testing, the speakers worked in stereo mode up to 50 feet apart, line of sight. The connection from my phone to one of the speakers was also quite strong. In an open outdoor area, my phone was still playing music to the speakers from 200 feet away.

Music quality

For the size of the speakers, the music is alright. Indoors, the highs are pronounced — enough that it’s not an enjoyable listening experience indoors (even while in indoor mode). Go outdoors, and the highs are less noticeable because of being outdoors. If you enable the outdoor mode, the bass goes down a lot and the highs up even more. But you can hear these speakers from far, far away — that’s what separates these from other speakers. So, with that in mind, it’s safe to say that these speakers are great for the outdoors, but I would not recommend them for indoor listening.

Bluetooth quality

The Bluetooth connection on these speakers is quite decent. Setting them up for the first time took a little bit, because I had to figure out how the stereo mode worked (turns out, it’s not that complicated). But once I figured it out, it’s easy to pair them together and pair my phone. The connection is strong and reliable — after all, my phone stayed connected at 200 feet, line of sight.

Final thoughts

These are great speakers for outdoor use, and only outdoor use. I don’t recommend them for indoor listening, as you will notice the highs. Outdoors, not so much, and besides, you can hear the music from crazy far distances at peak volume. The design of these speakers is built for being durable in the outdoors, and they will serve you well. For the price of $50, they are a worthwhile purchase if you plan on using them outdoors frequently. You can also get a two pack for $90, to save a few dollars.

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