Tronsmart Element T2 Review: Quality sound at an affordable price

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One of the most versatile speakers I’ve come across lately is the Tronsmart Element T2. This new Tronsmart speaker offers stereo sound inside a water resistant body. Plus, it comes with an advertised twelve hours of playback. But does it actually perform as well as it seems? Let’s find out.


The Element T2 is made of a hard rubber around the sides, and the front and back are metal speaker grills. On the top, you’ll find volume, play/pause, Bluetooth and power buttons. There’s even a hook on the speaker so you can clip it to your bag. The left has the AUX port, micro SD slot, and micro USB charging port — all under a protective flap. Unfortunately, that flap is annoying to remove, because there’s not much to grab onto.

Sound quality

As for the sound quality on the Element T2, it is most impressive. I enjoyed using this while working out in an open space, and it was plenty loud. Plus, the bass has a nice kick to it — so much, that it will rotate around on a table faster than you would expect. The highs and mids are what I would expect; nothing fancy there. Overall, I have nothing to complain about with the sound quality. But, it doesn’t strike me as amazing, either.

Bluetooth quality

I’m happy to say that the Bluetooth connection is great on this speaker, too. It connects quickly to my phone when in the 50-foot range, and pairing isn’t an issue, either. As a bonus, the Bluetooth button serves a much-needed purpose: disconnecting from whatever device is currently connected, in order to pair it with another device. This is something I haven’t seen before, but I love it and wish more speakers had it.

Other features

Battery life on the T2 is another highlight, as you should expect around twelve hours of music playback. I haven’t had any problems with the battery during my testing, even while listening at peak volume!

One neat feature about the T2 that I didn’t get a chance to test was the stereo mode. Dubbed the name True Wireless Stereo, it allows you to pair two T2’s together and listen to the same song, over two speakers.

It’s also IP56 rated, meaning that it is protected against dust and water from any direction. So, while you can’t go dunking it in your pool, some rain is just fine.

Final thoughts

While this speaker isn’t the prettiest speaker on the market, it certainly fills its purpose of a functional and durable speaker for indoors, outdoors, or wherever you go. The sound quality is great for the T2’s compact size, and it’s certainly durable enough to face daily use. But the best part? You can get it for $25 on Amazon — purchase link below.

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