Kick off Earth Day by recycling your old phone and stopping the junk mail

2 min read

Earth Day is April 22nd, which is right around the corner. You don’t have to be a hippie or live off the grid to appreciate the Earth. Recycling and stopping the junk mail are a couple of ways you can help celebrate this great planet we call home.

According to stats from 2010, the EPA says that 350,000 phones are thrown away every day. That adds up to over 152 million phones every year. That’s a ton of e-waste, and the US accounts for the majority of that.

Start off by selling or recycling one of those old phones you have lying around instead of throwing them away. Swappa is fantastic for selling or trading your old phones. Many of the team here use it often, and eBay is always a good option as well.  With a little money in your pocket and some clutter out of your home, it’s a win-win.

If you can’t be bothered to sell your old phone or it’s just not worth enough money to sell, our friends over at AT&T offer a recycling program for phones, accessories, and batteries. Regardless of the carrier or manufacturer all you have to do is bring them into a store and they’ll take care of it for you. Of course, don’t forget to remove your SIM and reset your phone to factory defaults erasing all personal information before selling or recycling.

iRecycle (Android | iOS) is an app that helps you find where you can drop off items from batteries to cans to plastic bottles. If you happen to have a bunch of old electronics lying around it can even help you find where to recycle those.

PaperKarma (Android | iOS) is a fantastic service for stopping all of that unwanted junk mail from filling up your mailbox. We all know how annoying spam in our inbox is and it’s even worse when it’s physical paper filling up our real inbox. With PaperKarma you can take a quick snap of the offending mail and they do all the work for you.

Hopefully, your lives are a little less cluttered now with less junk mail and electronics lying around. Have a great Earth Day and feel good knowing you’ve done something to help out, every little bit helps.