5 Great Bluetooth Speakers for Home

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With so many Bluetooth speakers on the market it can be a real challenge to find the right one for the right purpose. So, along with Ben and Andrew, I’ve rounded up some great Bluetooth speakers to use around your home. Let’s check them out!

CobblePro Pentagon

The CobblePro Pentagon Bluetooth speakers are the perfect outdoor speakers. They come in four different colors to suit any taste, and are durable and functional in any space — even hanging from a tree.

However, the coolest aspect of these speakers is that you can pair two of them together for a surround sound experience. Combined with their extra loud outdoor mode, these worked up to fifty feet apart — all while hearing the music!

Speaking of the music, the quality is pretty decent for the compact body. The bass is good, although the highs are a lot more pronounced than normal. This would bothers me indoors, but outdoors, it’s harder to notice. So while the quality isn’t top notch, it is plenty sufficient for outdoor spaces.

The Bluetooth connection is strong and reliable, although setting them up for the first time may take a couple of minutes. These can also be submerged in one meter of water, for up to thirty minutes. Additionally, the built-in 2000mAh battery can be used to power up your devices. For the $50 price point they are a solid option, but if you buy a two pack you can grab them for $90.

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Edifier R1700BT


Usually a good pair of bookshelf speakers means wired audio, and only wired. But if you’re looking for a pair that has bluetooth built in as well, you might want to check out the Edifier R1700BT speakers.

These speakers are really good. Low end response is extremely good without distorting the overall sound. High ends are clear as well. Not to mention they get very loud. On the side you have knobs to change the sound and configure it to your liking. You can also hook up audio to your PC or TV via the RCA input on the back. There’s an Auxilliary input as well.

There is one thing I’m not extremely fond of on these Edifier speakers. It comes with a remote, which is handy for changing volumes or inputs. But you HAVE to use the remote to change input. Another thing is that you can’t use Bluetooth and Auxilliary at the same time. Obviously you might not want to play both at the same time, but if you want to switch frequently, you need to carry the remote around.

Overall, the sound is good and they’re great speakers. I would definitely recommend them for recreational listening or using for your TV like I do. They aren’t extremely cheap, coming in at $150. But the hardware and sound bode well for your hard earned money.

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Tronsmart Element T2


A great speaker for working out or just hanging out is the Tronsmart Element T2. This new Tronsmart speaker offers high quality sound in a water resistant body, and coupled with an advertised twelve hours of playback, will last you all day long. The compact body makes it ideal for throwing in a bag and carrying around with you — or even clipping onto your backpack.

The sound quality is most impressive. I’ve been enjoying using it while working out, and the volume is loud enough to fill any space. Plus, the bass has a real nice kick to it — so much, that it will rotate around on a table, much more than you would expect.

The Bluetooth connection on this speaker is quite solid. Once paired, my phone consistently reconnects when in range. The buttons on top are nice, big, and easy to press.

Even though the aesthetics of the speaker are more functional than pretty, it serves it’s purpose in that area. At the price of $25, it’s definitely worth picking up if you’re looking for a durable and portable Bluetooth speaker.

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Thonet & Vander Laut BT


This is the Laut BT 2.1 speaker system from Thonet & Vander. This system is designed for use within the home, and it works in more places than one.

With the Laut BT, you’ll find two primary speakers that connect via a wire to a subwoofer. On the side of that subwoofer, you’ll find manual controls for volume, treble, and bass.

Audio quality overall is fantastic with heavy bass if you want, or a more balanced sound if you’d like. Better yet, the system is incredibly loud at 340W. It can easily fill an entire home, and then some.

At first glance, it doesn’t look like a Bluetooth system, but it actually is, and pairing is very easy too. The connection is also very reliable, even when you have another device plugged in over a cable, which I have both on my PC and my TV. Yes, I love it that much.

For the price of just $129, the Laut BT is easily my favorite set of speakers ever, and it’s even available on Amazon for just $85 at times.

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Archeer A320


Being an all-around great Bluetooth speaker not easy, but the Archeer Bluetooth speaker is just that. It’s made of bamboo and fabric, giving it a classy design that looks great in almost any room.

It has all the features and ports you’d expect — volume, play/pause, and power buttons. On the back you’ll find the aux input and charging port. But, you might not need that charging port all that often. Archeer advertises eleven hours of playback at half volume, so you should be able to get through a whole day on a single battery charge.

The sound quality is really where this speaker shines. The bass is pretty strong, although there’s no way to change that on the speaker itself. The highs and mids are great as well. Overall, the sound is crisp, and it will definitely get loud. Now, do note that the sound is not true to its original tone, but it still sounds fantastic from this speaker.

As for the Bluetooth connection quality, I’ve had no issues with it. In fact, the range of this speaker is incredible; certainly better than any Bluetooth device I’ve tried.

So, this speaker is all around fantastic. But, it does come with an $80 price tag. If you’re planning on using this frequently, then go for it — you won’t be disappointed. Otherwise, I’d suggest looking for something a little cheaper.

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