Google Home can now recognize multiple voices, multiple Google accounts

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Digital assistants like the Amazon Echo and Google Home are excellent products, but they are far from complete. One issue many have complained about with both — especially Google’s — is that it can’t pull personalized information properly. With a new update, though, Google Home can finally do just that, with the sound of your voice.

Available with the latest updates to the Home app, Google Home can now recognize multiple distinct voices and present information accordingly.

Once trained through the Google Home app, Google will analyze your voice and allow the device to connect to a specific Google account based on the voice it hears. That means those with a Google Home, but multiple family members in a home, can customize the results per person. For example, shopping lists can be sent to the proper account, and music can pull from a personal account, giving access to personal playlists as well.

This feature should be available now for all Google Home users, although you will need to update the Google Home app in order to take advantage of it.

Source: Google