iClever Portable Power Strip gives you the power and portability you need

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The iClever Portable Power Strip is the ultimate travel charger featuring two power sockets and four USB ports. When you’re traveling you often carry more than just your phone or tablet. Most times we also take our laptop with us, meaning we need more than just USB chargers. The iClever Portable Power Strip has a compact design and while not as compact as a standalone USB charger, it also packs in way more features than one of those.

For starters, it has two full sized power outlets with 4320 Joules of surge protection. It’s always a relief knowing that your electronics will be safe from power surges. We rely on these devices and they are not cheap, so a little extra protection helps ease my mind.

Don’t worry about your USB devices such as your phone or tablet because it comes with 4 USB ports as well, offering up to 5V/2.4A per port with 4.8A overall. With all of these plugs and ports, you’ll have no trouble charging up your devices and a friend’s device. The five-foot long cord helps it act as an extension cord, allowing you to work further from the power socket and be more comfortable.

While this works great for travelers I have another fantastic use for mine. I like to use mine on top of my work table for my laptop, and charging my other devices. It is a such a pain to always be on the floor plugging and unplugging your laptop. This makes it so much easier when you’re always on the go.

Instead of having to deal with the surge protector on the floor as I come and go, I find it much more convenient to use the iClever Portable Power Strip on the table. This way I can easily plug and unplug my laptop every day without spending any time exploring the floor under the table. It’s a bonus to be able to charge up my phone and watch without needing a USB hub or having to connect it to my laptop.

The iClever Portable Power Strip offers 10A, 125V, and 1000W of power overall to charge all of your devices. Along with surge protection, it also offers over-circuit and over-temperature protection. Add to that an 18-month warranty, and you have all the peace of mind you need to charge up all of your devices. The iClever Portable Power Strip is currently available from Amazon for $23.99. I would recommend it to travelers or mobile people like myself who don’t like digging under their desk daily.

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