Wednesdays at the Polls: Which 2017 flagship is your choice?

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In this new weekly feature, we want to give our readers the opportunity to provide some point-and-click style input on some of the questions we have been pondering.

The word flagship gets thrown around a lot in the smartphone blog-sphere, but two brands embody that more than any other in the Android space: Samsung’s Galaxy and LG’s G-series. Understandably, these two giants time their release dates to duke it out on a yearly basis. Both the Galaxy S8 and G6 are now available to order. Our question to readers this week is which do you plan to purchase?

The S8 comes in two sizes this year. Are you more of a smaller phone fan and going with the standard 5.8 inch S8? Or do you need the maxed-out screen of the 6.2 inch S8+? The LG sports a 5.7 inch screen as well that should appeal to those not feeling the Samsungs. If you don’t want either one…hey that’s OK too. Let us know which you are throwing cash at in the poll below! As usual, sound off in the comments to enrich to the conversation.

Which flagship are you buying? LG G6 or Galaxy S8/S8+

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