Amazon’s Echo Look adds a fashion-judging camera to your smart home speaker

1 min read

Amazon’s Echo line of devices are fantastic ways to improve your smart home experience, and they just come in handy for day-to-day questions. Now, though, Amazon has made another addition to that line, the Echo Look.

Just like the Echo and Echo Dot, the Echo Look packs Amazon’s digital assistant Alexa, complete with smart home control, apps and services, and online search capabilities.

The standout feature of the Echo Look, though, is the depth-sensing camera found on the front of the device. That camera is used to help you decide on what to wear that day. Simply stand in front of the camera, ask Alexa to give its thoughts, and the camera will activate to give you its opinion via some complex AI algorithms and input from fashion specialists. You can even ask the Look to take a snapshot, allowing users to send a full-height selfie of their outfit for the day.

Of course, the entire goal here is to get users shopping for more clothing on Amazon. At $199, it’s not asking a crazy price for this functionality, but it obviously won’t be for everyone. Currently, the Echo Look is available on Amazon invite-only. You can sign up here.