App Review: Pulse SMS

3 min read

I am constantly searching for a really good SMS app, and I think I may have found it in Pulse. I know, SMS is so 2006 or something, but it’s still the preferred messaging platform of most of my family. We all use different kinds of phones. There are Androids, iPhones, and even a few flip phones. The one constant communication between these systems is SMS. For now, I just can’t get away from it.

I’ve tried most of the top rated SMS apps in the Play Store. Textra? Great app and still installed on my phone. I just find it lacking that “it” factor that makes you love it being on your home screen. Android Messages is the fallback when everything else isn’t working, or I just need to return to defaults for a bit. I like it, but not a fan of some of its shortcomings like not marking things read when you use Quick Reply.

Back to the app in hand…Pulse SMS. Klinker Apps have really done a great job of making a beautiful texting app. The app is full of colors and customization at every turn. You’re offered to tweak the UI in numerous ways like changing the theme color, font size, and even the type of message bubble you see. It also has a Day/Night mode that allows to auto change the light and dark theme based on the time of day.

More elements are just on by default. You get adaptive colors based on the contact’s icon. Aesthetically, Pulse showcases what a dedicated developer can create following the guidelines set by Google. You have multiple actionable notification options. You can mark entire days, or past messages, as read with a single click. YouTube links preview inline within the app much like Google’s own offerings too. You can even pin your favorite contacts to the top of the conversation list. Klinker has really outdone themselves on the visuals.

Your phone isn’t the only place Pulse was meant to serve your texting needs, though. With a small subscription payment, you can take your texts with you to your PC and tablet. Pricing is $0.99 per month, $1.99 a month, or $5.99 yearly. You could also spring for a lifetime service for a $10.99 one-time payment which is absolutely the best deal. Pulse’s premium options can all be used for a week if you’re on the fence.

I have grown to really like Pulse SMS when it comes to texting on Android. It’s a solid offering from a really active development team and offers some extended features that some others don’t. You could make the argument that apps like Pushbullet or Might Text fill some of the same features. However, I just don’t think they do them as well, and I prefer the focused approach of just text messages working with Pulse. I have most other notifications covered and don’t need them mirrored while on other devices. If you’re on the hunt for a new SMS app, Pulse is definitely worth a look in the Play Store.

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