YouTube is getting a big redesign on the desktop with an official dark mode

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YouTube is constantly working to improve its mobile interface, but today, it has announced plans for a major redesign of its desktop interface. Better yet, the company already has a preview available which you can opt-in to try out.

This new interface feels pretty familiar, but it adds some visual refreshes to the interface that look fantastic. Material Design is front and center here, with clean shadows and more modern looking buttons too. It’s a real pleasure to look at. Google says that there were three main areas of focus with this redesign, listed below.

  • Simplicity: The only thing you should be concerned about is watching the content you love. The new design is clean and fresh, thanks to the removal of visuals that can distract from your browsing or watching experience. We’re focused on making the content shine!
  • Consistency: The new design is aligned across Google platforms, including the YouTube mobile app, while still providing the features you know and love.
  • Beauty: We strive to combine beauty and purpose to create an effortless experience.

Google has built this on top of a faster framework called Polymer, which not only makes the entire experience faster, but it also makes it easier for Google to develop future features too. One of the new features Polymer also makes possible is an official dark mode. Simply hit a toggle and the entire interface will switch from a bright white to a slick black design. YouTube says that dark mode is “just the beginning” too, with more powerful features on their way.

If you want to try out YouTube’s new design on your computer, simply head to to opt-in with your account. If you want to revert back to the old design, a toggle will be available in the account menu.

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