PSA: Beware of this Google Docs Phishing Scam

1 min read

I received an email this morning from a “Jason Fischer” about sharing a Google Docs form with me, Now i don’t have any friends name Jason that would be sharing Docs with me, so I was weary not to click on it. Soon after, Google published a statement on Twitter saying that there was a phishing scam going on, and to be careful and I knew that message from Jason was what they were talking about.

The emails, as myself and others have confirmed, are coming from some random named ‘person’ and are sent to a address and then BCC’d to you. If you actually click on the shared Doc, you will be asked to choose an account and give permission of access to all of your Google information. Right then and there you account has the ability to be taken over, but then the scam goes on to email all your contacts the same thing. Pretty terrible.

As noted earlier though, it looks like Google and their Gmail team is already on the investigation here, and hopefully are able to shut it down quickly as I’m sure some people may fall for this. To stay as safe as possible remember to check your personal Google permissions, periodically change your passwords, and set up 2-step verification. There’s garbage people in this world, so watch out.