Monster iSport Victory Review

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With the 3.5-millimeter headphone jack being axed left and right everywhere you look, it should come as no surprise that Bluetooth audio solutions are now more popular than they’ve ever been before. I’ve personally always been a member of the wireless audio bandwagon, so my first inaugural review here on YourTechExplained being that of Monster’s iSport Victory Bluetooth headphones seemed to be very fitting.

So, with that said, let’s see just what these guys are bringing to the table for under $100.


In regards to design, the iSport Victory looks like pretty much every other set of wireless earbuds currently on the market. You’ve got two speaker units on either end of a single cable, and audio is pumped into your ears wirelessly via Bluetooth.

While beauty will always lie in the eye of the beholder, I’m not the biggest fan of the aesthetic that Monster is going for with the Victory. The blue and white color combo with black accents scattered throughout look a bit childish to me, and the size of the speaker heads themselves are certainly on the bulkier side of things. You may love the color scheme that’s taking place here, and if you are, that’s great. However, if you’re like me and really can’t stand it, Monster is selling the Victory in a black and green color option as well.

Monster may not have hit a home run when it comes to looks, but the actual form and function of the headphones is quite nice.

The rubber wire feels extremely durable, the multiple ear-tips and wings help to provide for the perfect fit, and the in-line controls feature physical buttons for adjusting the volume, pausing/resuming your audio, and turning the earbuds on and off. The buttons themselves are a bit more difficult to press than I would have liked, but at the end of the day, they get the job done.

Sound Quality

As much as I love wireless headphones, audio is not my area of expertise whatsoever. I’m about as far-removed from the audiophile world as they come, so take what I’m about to say here with a grain of salt.

When it comes to the audio and sound quality of the iSport Victory, I was quite impressed with just how good these things sound. Wireless headphones that are targeted towards athletes occasionally sacrifice sound quality for durability and design, but this thankfully isn’t the case here.

The sound you’ll get out of the Victory headphones is nicely balanced, but if you’re listening to a song with heavy amounts of bass, you’ll really feel it with these things. Lows come at you with a lot of power and punch, and this is made even more powerful thanks to the sound-isolating design of the Victory. You obviously won’t find the same type of isolation as you’d get with the Bose QC35s, but it’s still enough to drone out the sound around you and help you focus on the tunes you’re listening to.

Bluetooth Range

Wireless range is a very common issue with low-to-mid-tier Bluetooth headphones, but I was pleased to never come across such problems with Monster’s iSport Victory.

Walking around my 695-square foot apartment with multiple walls in between me and my phone, not once did I ever notice the connection dropping in and out. Your mileage here will definitely vary depending on the type of environment you’re in and what device the headphones are paired to, but in my experience, woes about Bluetooth range need not apply in this case.

Extra Bits

With those main talking points out of the way, here are a few other little things I noticed while testing out the Monster iSport Victory —

  • Within the in-line controls is a microphone for taking hands-free calls. Audio on my side of calls sounded fine, but people on the receiving end reported that I sounded muffled and echoey. This is a fairly common issue for this style of Bluetooth headphones, but it’s still a nice addition to have if you need to take a quick call while out on a run or at the gym.
  • Monster advertises 8 hours of battery life with the Victory, and I found this claim to be quite accurate. Charging the headphones is done through a microUSB port on the side of the in-line controls, but I wish there was a more precise way of checking battery life aside from a robotic voice saying if the headphones are at high, medium, or low battery upon turning them on.
  • The Victory headphones are touted as being “sweat-proof”, but there’s no indication as to what IPXX rating the units actually have.

Final Thoughts

For just under $100, the Monster iSport Victory is a very solid offering if you’re in the market for a new pair of fitness-centric wireless earbuds. The design isn’t my favorite I’ve ever come across, but the durable build, powerful audio, and solid battery life all come together to create for a nicely complete package.

The iSport Victory’s toughest competition is currently Jaybird’s X3. Jaybird offers the overall better product for about $30 more, but if your top-dollar budget is at that $100 mark with no wiggle room to spare, this is still a really great way to spend your cash.

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