Spotify adds Spotify Codes to launch specific songs on demand

1 min read

Spotify has a new way to share songs with your friends using an old idea. Users are starting to notice that a new barcode that imitates a soundwave shows up when viewing single songs, playlists, or albums in the music app. This gives you a QR-style option to instantly share the media with your friends or share online. QR has been a mainstay in sharing contacts among messaging and social apps for years. From BBM to new convert Twitter, the scannable codes have added convenience that Spotify has now adopted pretty seamlessly.

To use Spotify Codes, simply launch the search feature and find the new camera icon. Once your phone camera focuses in, your new jam will fire up in the now playing page. The feature is super fast and easy to use. While you can say the company is recycling an old technology, the implementation is well done and fits in with the social nature Spotify has always had a fondness for. It could also play a huge new role into the company’s ad campaigning. You could easily start to envision the world where new albums have a Spofify Code next to any new album art cover or web promo.